Workers’ Compensation




Workers’ Compensation

If you have been injured on the job and requires the services of an attorney, Victor Arias wants to help you. Determining which attorney is best to represent you following your on-the-job injury can be difficult, but Mr. Arias is prepared to offer you a free consultation so you can get to know him.

Attorney Arias litigates cases for employees who seek workers’ compensation benefits from their employer, premium workers’ compensation disputes involving payroll remuneration, classifications, experience ratings, audits, declaratory judgment actions, class action suits and other workers’ compensation concerns.

A Lawyer Who Cares About His Clients

Attorney Arias’ expertise in discussing injuries with his clients and his skillful settlement negotiations with various insurance companies, doctors, and other medical staff and professionals, has earned Mr. Arias’ Law Firm a reputation for being a tough negotiator and effective legal representative.

Not every lawyer is personally invested in their client’s wellbeing and recovery. That is one thing that sets our law firm apart, an unwavering dedication to our clients and their recovery. As an attorney who meets with his clients regularly to check on their progress and health, Mr. Arias and his staff stand apart from other Florida law firms.

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